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What is an infusion?

Infusion therapy is a fluid medication that is delivered intravenously. Various types of fluid medications and supplements are available, offering regenerative vitamins and minerals. Whether your goal is added immune support, hydration, boosting your mood, pain management, or strengthening your skin, there is an infusion that is sure to be a perfect fit.

Medications available through infusion therapy include biologics for reducing joint pain and inflammation, antibiotics, antivirals, even chemotherapy.

Where do I get an infusion?

Infusions are commonly administered at hospitals, clinics and infusion centers. Outpatient infusion centers are a more convenient option and have become more widely available, offering a more individualized, safe, relaxing and painless experience. These centers are independent from hospitals and are operated on their own terms, albeit with strict health regulations and requirements, with patient safety as a priority. Infusion centers accept most insurance plans and are often a lower-cost option for your medication or supplement.

How do I get the medication?

These supplements and medications are administered intravenously. Most infusion centers employ the latest technology and equipment for a rejuvenating and virtually painless experience.

Why choose an infusion center over a hospital?

In general, outpatient infusion centers are preferred by patients over hospitals or other medical clinics because patients receive a more personalized experience and lower-cost medications. Infusion centers were created with the idea that the comfort of the patient should be at the forefront of the infusion experience. In a hospital setting, a patient receiving intravenous medication is typically surrounded by other patients and various hospital workers, which can be a health concern during winter months, due to viruses and other illnesses floating around. Privacy is also paramount at infusion centers and patients have the space to relax while receiving their medication.

Why Wasatch Infusion?

Wasatch Infusion is a leader in the industry. We take pride in our team’s ability to ensure your comfort. Our staff is friendly and informed, creating a tailormade-experience to meet the specific needs of each patient at the right time, every time. We offer those little extras that make all the difference, such as private suites, large leather recliners, flatscreen TVs, and a variety of snacks and beverages to choose from. Our dedication to keeping costs low is unmatched, and we offer payment plans to fit the varying needs of each patient.

Infusion vs. other medications – a look at the effectiveness of infusion medication

Many of our patients have struggled with finding the best way to treat their conditions. Most patients do not try IV therapy as a first treatment, but rather, along with their physicians, find that their original medication regime is not working satisfactorily. Doctors typically prescribe oral medications before considering infusions. Often, multiple oral medications are tested with poor results, and sometimes the medication effectiveness dulls over time. At this point, the physician, along with the patient, turn to IV therapy.  And, well, we take it from there. There are several benefits to IV treatment over oral medications, some of which are:

  • More personalized treatment options.
  • Higher absorption rate than oral medications.
  • More extended periods of medication efficacy.
  • Professional medication administration and,
  • Monitoring by healthcare professionals during your treatment.
  • Cost effectiveness.

More personalized treatment options result in fewer complications and faster results. Most pills don’t account for genetics, age, existing conditions, and other relevant factors that may affect the treatment. A bottle of pills does not know your unique history and may not provide the results you hoped.

Oral medication is digested in the stomach and permeated through the intestinal wall, but IV treatments are injected right into your bloodstream. Bloodstream administration allows for quicker, more effective absorption. Absorption via the GI tract can also be affected by other factors, including the food we eat and other medications. A lower absorption rate also means that you may be required to take more medication to see results, which can be difficult for your stomach and digestive system. IV treatments administer a more consistent and effective treatment without running the risk of any “gut” reactions.

Additionally, infusion treatments are very often effective for longer periods, taking the stress off patients when remembering to take medication. Stand-alone infusion centers have an array of scheduling opportunities, and Wasatch Infusion is open 365 days a year, often with extended hours for convenient scheduling, so forgetting medication is no longer an issue for patients.

Infusion centers employ highly trained IV staff, providing expert IV treatment and monitoring throughout your treatment to ensure proper and safe care.  Additionally, they have access to latest technologies to reduce pain and offer more comfort during treatments.

Cost often causes hesitation for patients when it comes to infusion centers. It should be said that oral medication is not necessarily cheaper than IV medication. More and more often, insurance companies are covering infusion treatment and allowing a less expensive co-pay. As more and more pharmaceutical manufacturers are developing biologics and infusion medications, the cost does not outweigh healthcare and patients’ benefits.

Wasatch Infusion is dedicated to providing better, more affordable treatments in a comfortable, safe, and private environment.  We understand that the patient’s treatment journey may not necessarily begin with IV therapy. Still, we promise to provide our patients’ best infusion experience as they seek health and wellness.

How do infusion centers impact patients and the healthcare sector?

Wasatch Infusion has created a patient-focused treatment experience and is changing the healthcare sector as we know it. Patients are able to receive quicker, more private, comfortable, and specialized infusions. This type of experience is possible through an expertly-trained infusion staff. Infusion centers are also able to provide this new level of care while still cutting costs, which means a cheaper, better experience for the patient. This type of experience and care should also be reflected in the healthcare system.

It’s not usual for a medical treatment to be described as “spa-like”; and, that is the goal of Wasatch Infusion. Stephanie Dupree, Lead APRN for Wasatch Infusion, says “Many insurance plans will not pay for home health care, but an in-office infusion is likely to be covered. If you can’t receive your infusion from home, you can trust that you will be greeted with all of the comforts of home at an infusion center.” Those comforts include a comfortable chair for you to receive your infusion in, snacks, television, and even a blanket to keep you warm. The most comfortable aspect is knowing that there is an expertly-trained staff there to take care of you.

One big difference you will see at Wasatch Infusion is the private rooms. This isn’t just a measure for comfort, but for patient safety. According to Dupree, rooms are thoroughly cleaned after each use. Many hospitals infusions are administered with, at most, a sheet separating you from another patient and a full waiting room of people in line behind you. For immunocompromised patients, this can be a problem. Wasatch infusion has a patient limit as well as a fast and efficient intake staff that will get your infusion started with little to no wait. When your doctor calls in the order, Wasatch Infusion can get you in almost immediately because infusions are their specialty.

As far as the industry goes, infusion centers are making their mark. Many professionals in the medical field have begun to create more specialized infusion treatments, pushing the industry further into the future of healing. Infusion centers utilize these revolutionary treatments coupled with the latest infusion technologies. Wasatch Infusion also has a nurse practitioner in every office for every infusion in order to ensure the highest quality of care. The efforts of infusion centers show how the healthcare sector can continuously grow and advance through better patient care and treatment. Wasatch Infusion has always and will always focus on healing and do so by caring about every patient. There has been a long demand for better options for healthcare, and infusion centers help provide a solution.

The many benefits of infusion centers

Infusion centers were created for making IV infusions an easier, more accessible, and enjoyable experience. In the past, the only option for infusion therapy was a hospital.  Fortunately, today, the option of a stand-alone infusion center is available, and that opportunity poses many benefits. Some of those benefits may include:

  • Comfort
  • Ease of scheduling
  • Efficiency and accessibility
  • Expertly trained infusion staff
  • Cost-effectiveness

Since infusion centers are not affiliated with a hospital, they are able to provide a more comfortable environment including private suites, reclining chairs, refreshments, multiple viewing options, WiFi access and/or blankets. Patients enjoy ample space, seclusion, and comfort, not a bay of beds or chairs, surrounded by strangers with unknown illnesses.

“When you go to the ER, there are typically many sick people and you don’t know what they may have.  Since my condition is auto immune, I have to be aware of that,” said Donna L., a long-time infusion center patient.

Unlike hospitals, an infusion center allows for ease of scheduling. Since they are dedicated exclusively to offering infusion therapy, every chair is available and dedicated to their IV patients.  Most centers have broad operating hours, and many allow same-day appointments. They work closely with physicians and hospital staff to accommodate patients promptly.

According to Donna L., “You wait for sometimes hours to be seen at a hospital.  Here [at an infusion center], you are seated in a private, sanitized room within a few minutes.”

An additional benefit of exclusive focus with an infusion center, like Wasatch Infusion, is their dedicated, expert staff. All medical staff focus solely on IV therapy, PICC, midline, and dual lumen lines, as well as catheter insertion, therapeutic phlebotomy, and port access and flushes. With this hyper-focused model, every staff member is expertly trained to treat patients. Patients can more readily and easily communicate their needs and level of comfort, while staff are able to more closely monitor one-on-one with their patients.

“An outpatient setting is so much different than a hospital. Patients don’t have anxiety because they are in a more relaxed environment where they can receive medical care without feeling like they have no control over anything that’s happening with them,” said nurse practitioner Julie Bassargh.

Probably one of the most important benefits to an infusion center is the cost of care. Not only is it more cost-effective to the patient, but it is also cost-effective for insurance companies. When you consider the 5-year trend of a 65 percent increase in commercial PMPM and 40 percent increase in Medicare PMPM, the cost is an important factor in treatment, and infusion centers are a welcome opportunity to decrease costs.

Source: Magellan RX Medical Pharmacy Trend Report 2019

An ICORE Healthcare report in 2010 noted that infusion center costs are, on average, 50 percent lower than the same treatment provided at a hospital. And according to a Metro Infusion report, the average cost of a hospital stay is $1,500 per day without medications, whereas the per-day cost of an IV center is $150 with medications.

While cost is an important aspect of determining healthcare decisions, gone are the days of limited choices when it comes to a person’s health and well-being. Hospitals may offer the same medication as an infusion center, but there are multiple benefits to receiving an IV treatment at an office-based infusion center. It’s an easy choice for patients. If comfort, ease, and cost-effectiveness are a priority, an infusion center provides all of this and more.

Welcome Howard Young to our team!

Salt Lake City – June 2020 – Wasatch Infusion, Utah’s premier independent I.V. infusion provider, is excited to announce the addition of Howard Young to the management team.

He will manage the legal aspects of the business, and work with the management team on geographic and product-based strategic growth opportunities.

Howard was previously with Parsons Behle & Latimer, a large regional law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he worked with a broad range of healthcare, technology, consumer products, media, aviation, and other companies as outside general counsel.  Prior to that, he was CFO and General Counsel at Imagine Health, Inc., a high-performance healthcare network company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He previously led the business department at Jones, Waldo, Holbrook, and McDonough, and also spent time as Division Counsel for Baxter Healthcare.  Howard received undergraduate degrees in English and French and a law degree from the University of Utah.

“I’m delighted to move from outside counsel to an internal role with the company and participate more fully in what are really exciting company growth opportunities,” said Howard. “Wasatch is extremely well-positioned to deliver the lowest cost and highest quality infusion therapy across a broad regional footprint.”

Howard spends his free time in the local mountains chasing his wife and two daughters around on their skis or mountain bikes.

One Poke Philosophy

No one enjoys being poked by a needle.  For some, it’s an uncomfortable nuisance. For others, it can be an overwhelming fear.  The caring staff at Wasatch Infusion understand that needles just aren’t fun. To show our patients how committed we are to their well-being and ensure all patients have a calm and comfortable experience, we employ our one-poke philosophy. The core of our one-poke philosophy is an expert staff, a comfortable environment, and technology to reduce pain and discomfort prior to and during “the poke” and subsequent infusions.

We have several techniques and the latest high tech equipment that makes for a smooth infusion process. We utilize AccuVein technology and ultrasounds to better locate veins, so we can identify and enter the vein the first time. IV warmers also help improve the infusion process by reducing the discomfort of cold salines and lessen recovery time. Hot compresses keep the infusion site comfortable by promoting better circulation with heat. Our patients also love the Lidocaine numbing cream and the medical-grade pain ease spray, available to numb the injection area and almost completely eliminate any pain. And to keep you comfortable from start to finish, we use Nexiva catheters, which are engineered to reduce pain and lower risk of blood evacuation due to the auto-occluding feature.

The more pleasant that initial poke is, the more pleasant the entire process will be. Our patients usually come to us to relieve pain or to feel better, and we make sure to do just that. All we do are IV’s, so we’ve done our research. While our methods and technologies are the best around, we are continually looking for ways to improve.

We will continue to build upon our one-poke policy until it feels like a no-poke policy for our patients.

What to Expect During Your First Infusion

Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office and felt anxious or ignored, or left to wait and fret over your scheduled procedure? Wasatch Infusion understands that feeling comfortable during a not-so-comfortable situation is particularly important to your health. Upon arrival at Wasatch Infusion, you will be greeted by professional front desk staff. If it is your first appointment, you’ll be given a sanitized tablet to fill out paperwork before your infusion. And when you return, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and friendly manner. 

While you rarely wait an extensive time, the lobby area is comfortable and relaxing, with television, reading materials – and complimentary treats, such as taffy.  

Once you’ve completed the check-in process, you’ll be escorted back to your private suite. In your room, you will find a comfy lift recliner, television with Netflix and Hulu, snack menu, and complimentary blanket (if it’s your first visit). You can take a look at the menu. And, if you want a drink or a snack, it will be brought to you promptly. 

The nurses will take your vitals and will then sanitize the injection site. You’ll experience Wasatch Infusion’s “one poke philosophy” firsthand.  A licensed and certified clinical staff member will administer the IV treatment. 

Along with excellent training, Wasatch Infusion uses the latest technology to help in proper IV placement. One such tool is the Accuvein, a non-contact vein illumination system that shows an image of veins on your skin – allowing the nurse or technician to immediately identify the location of a vein. Wasatch Infusion also incorporates IV warmers, to reduce the “chill” that sometimes accompanies your therapy.

Next is the fun part. You can recline in your comfy chair, get cozy in your complimentary blanket and turn on some Netflix. The infusion will work its magic as you catch up on the latest shows.

Time varies by patient and medication, but you will be kept comfortable no matter what the length of time. When your infusion is over your IV will be removed and the injection site will be covered in gauze and wrapped. At this point, you can gather your items, including your new free blanket, and make your way to the lobby to check out and scheduling of your next visit! 

Best of all, Wasatch Infusion offers the lowest cost infusions around.  They accept most insurance plans and offer patient assistance programs and payment options to make it affordable for everyone.   

An infusion at Wasatch Infusion is meant to be a safe and comfortable healing experience. Patients don’t come in to just receive an infusion, they come in because they trust it will be safe, comfortable, and relaxing.

Whether you come in for a medical infusion, wellness infusion, or another treatment, you can expect to be well taken care of at Wasatch Infusion.

Chris Clift joins the team at Wasatch Infusion

Clift will serve as the Director of Sales for the organization

Salt Lake City – April 20, 2020 – Wasatch Infusion, Utah’s premier I.V. infusion clinic, is thrilled to announce the addition of Chris Clift to their organization.

Chris joins Wasatch Infusion with 25+ years of sales experience and a proven track record of growth performance.  With a very results-driven mentality and strong interpersonal skills, Chris jumped right into sales after graduating from the University of Utah.

He will be working with team members to identify opportunities and solutions to create and drive growth. 

“I’m looking forward to leveraging my talents to continue to raise awareness with providers and patients about Wasatch Infusion’s best of class services,” said Clift. “It’s an exciting opportunity!”

In his new position, Chris will be a member of the company’s management team and provide leadership for the sales and marketing department brand development and public relations.

Chris loves to travel with his family, especially to Disneyland and the beach. He has been married to his wife, Krista, for 28 years. They have two kids:  Alex, 21, attending the University of Utah; and Kennedy, 17, graduating from Jordan High School this spring and will also attend the University of Utah.

About Wasatch Infusion

Wasatch Infusion has been serving the needs of patients and their physicians since 2010. They provide I.V. therapy for an array of medical conditions. They infuse specialty medications, antibiotics, and also provide wellness infusions. In addition to I.V. therapy, Wasatch Infusion also provides other infusion-related services like PICC line insertion, therapeutic phlebotomy and I.V. line care. The clinic is open 365 days a year, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.


Charlie Schadewald
President/CEO of Wasatch Infusion
801-577-7055     |

COVID-19 Safety and Mitigation at Wasatch Infusion

Dear Patients,
Wasatch Infusion is open for business and committed to the health and well-being of our patients. COVID-19 has prompted us to implement a broader screening process and more robust sanitation procedures that are in the best interest of our staff and patients, especially those who are immunodeficient.

Wasatch Infusion has implemented additional safety measures throughout all of our facilities:
  • Employees are required to report COVID-19 exposure or symptoms immediately and must quarantine until they test negative
  • All employees and guests are required to wear masks at all times when in common areas and throughout all clinical areas of the building
  • Floor stickers remind all employees and guests to social distance a minimum of 6 feet
  • Additional COVID-19 Safety Reminders have been placed throughout our facilities and patient rooms
  • Hand sanitizer and gloves are available for all employees and guests at all times
  • Our electronic intake system is sanitized after every use
  • Each one of our private suites is sanitized after every patient visit, including all door handles, chairs, tables, and other surfaces
  • Additional sanitization is done by after-hours cleaning crews
New and existing patients may be asked about exposure and symptom questions before scheduling or receiving their infusion. Depending on the results of their screening, patients may be asked to reschedule their appointment or may be able to proceed with their infusion therapy in our private and sterile infusion rooms.

Wasatch Infusion urges all patients who may have been exposed to, or are showing signs of COVID-19 to contact their physician or the Utah Health Department immediately and to not enter our facility. Within our facilities in Murray, Tooele, and Layton we have begun an increased regimen of cleaning and sanitization in all of our patient rooms, restrooms, and lobby areas.

At this time, we are screening all patients for exposure and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to every appointment or infusion. Our facilities and staff have been equipped to screen patients and visitors in the following ways:
  • You must wear a COVID-19 type mask upon entering our facility, and throughout your infusion. If you do not have a mask, one can be provided to you.
  • You may be asked to sanitize your hands during your visit.
  • We will take your temperature immediately upon entering the facility. If you have a fever of 100.4 or higher, you may be screened further regarding your current condition or asked to reschedule your appointment.
  • Guests and children will not be permitted into the facility unless they are providing the patient with mobility assistance.
You will be asked the following questions during scheduling and prior to entering the infusion suites:
  • Do you have any symptoms of COVID–19 (CORONAVIRUS)?
  • Have you had close contact with someone with a known or suspected case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
In addition, we are increasing our safety recommendations for all patients, employees, and visitors:
  • Practice proper hygiene, including frequent hand washing and sanitizing
  • Wearing a surgical mask to avoid exposure where appropriate
  • Keeping appropriate social distances (6-10 feet if possible)
  • Follow local governmental suggestions and mandates per the State of Utah.
For more information visit the CDC or Utah Health Department websites or call the Salt Lake Health Department at 385-468-4100.

As always, our expertly trained clinicians and intake professionals are here to assist if you have any questions about your infusion therapy needs.

Thank you for trusting us with your health!

Wasatch Infusion Now Offering Tepezza

Wasatch Infusion will now be offering Tepezza, the first FDA approved drug for adults with Thyroid Eye Disease. Thyroid eye disease is a condition where inflammation in the muscle and fatty tissue behind the eyes cause the eyes to bulge outward. Symptoms of Thyroid Eye Disease, such as bulging, double vision, pain, sensitivity to light, and trouble closing eyes, can be restrictive and debilitating for those affected. Previously, there have been very few treatment options for those with Thyroid Eye Disease. Approval of this drug shows a path toward healing without the need for invasive procedures. This new development also proves continuing progress toward finding treatments for other rare diseases that have few treatment options available. Wasatch Infusion is committed to offering these innovative treatment to patients, at an affordable cost.

Ask your physician if Tepezza is right for you.  Learn more about the FDA approval here,

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