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In 2010, Wasatch Infusion owners Charlie Schadewald and Rebecca Mason began their mission to provide high-quality infusions at a low cost, all while in a safe and comfortable environment. Wasatch Infusion makes what could be an expensive and uncomfortable situation into an affordable and even enjoyable experience. Their medical IV treatments include iron, anti-nausea, antiviral/fungal, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, immune deficiency and specialty infusions that cater to your specific medical needs. Wasatch Infusion also administers wellness infusions for fluid hydration, a B12 booster, hangover treatments, and multi-vitamin IV drips. But they don’t stop there, Wasatch Infusion also provides the following services; catheter insertions, PICC, mid and dual lumen lines, therapeutic phlebotomy, port access and flushes, and dressing changes.

At the Wasatch Infusion locations In Tooele and Murray, each patient is met with an expert staff and a private room with all the comforts you would find in your own home. Each licensed clinical staff member follows the Wasatch Infusion “One Poke Philosophy”. Patients receive their treatments on a comfortable recliner in a private, climate-controlled room that has been equipped with a television, adjustable lighting, WIFI, snacks, magazines, pillows, and blankets.  The staffs “One Poke Philosophy”, their use of the newest and greatest technologies, and the comfortable rooms ensure that each patient’s experience will be as relaxing and painless as possible.

Charlie and Rebecca share a passion to provide ultra-comfortable IV treatments for a lower price than other facilities. They are excited to announce the openings of locations in both Davis and Utah counties. And they plan to grow even further, providing comfortable, affordable infusion therapy across Utah. Their current locations in Tooele and Murray are handicap accessible and are open 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Patients can either call in or have their physician fax in an order to set up an appointment.

Announcements for locations will be posted on the website and social media.

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What is an infusion?

Infusion therapy is a fluid medication that is delivered intravenously. Various types of fluid medications and supplements are available, offering regenerative vitamins and minerals. Whether

One Poke Philosophy

No one enjoys being poked by a needle.  For some, it’s an uncomfortable nuisance. For others, it can be an overwhelming fear.  The caring staff