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FDA Approved Lupus Treatment, SAPHNELO™ Available at Wasatch Infusion

On August 2nd, 2021, the FDA approved SAPHNELO™, a systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE treatment and only the third of its kind since 2011.  SAPHNELO™, a human monoclonal antibody, is a type 1 interferon (INF) receptor antagonist that inhibits a key protein in the immune system called the IFNAR receptor. It is the only available treatment targeting the type I interferon receptor IFNAR and inhibiting signals from all types I interferons.

Dr. Richard Furie, Chief of the Division of Rheumatology at Northwell Health, New York, US and a principal investigator in the SAPHNELO™ clinical development program, said: Today’s approval of anifrolumab represents a big step forward for the entire lupus community. Physicians will now be able to offer an effective new treatment that has produced significant improvements in overall disease activity while reducing corticosteroid use.”

SAPHNELO™ is administered every four weeks via infusion therapy. Complete administration takes approximately 30 minutes. Wasatch Infusion offers SAPHNELO™ and provides therapy in private infusion suites in any of our four clinics throughout Utah. 

Consult with your physician to decide if SAPHNELO™ is right for you.

Learn more about commonly asked questions regarding SAPHNELO™ from the Lupus Foundation of America here:

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