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How do infusion centers impact patients and the healthcare sector?

Wasatch Infusion has created a patient-focused treatment experience and is changing the healthcare sector as we know it. Patients are able to receive quicker, more private, comfortable, and specialized infusions. This type of experience is possible through an expertly-trained infusion staff. Infusion centers are also able to provide this new level of care while still cutting costs, which means a cheaper, better experience for the patient. This type of experience and care should also be reflected in the healthcare system.

It’s not usual for a medical treatment to be described as “spa-like”; and, that is the goal of Wasatch Infusion. Stephanie Dupree, Lead APRN for Wasatch Infusion, says “Many insurance plans will not pay for home health care, but an in-office infusion is likely to be covered. If you can’t receive your infusion from home, you can trust that you will be greeted with all of the comforts of home at an infusion center.” Those comforts include a comfortable chair for you to receive your infusion in, snacks, television, and even a blanket to keep you warm. The most comfortable aspect is knowing that there is an expertly-trained staff there to take care of you.

One big difference you will see at Wasatch Infusion is the private rooms. This isn’t just a measure for comfort, but for patient safety. According to Dupree, rooms are thoroughly cleaned after each use. Many hospitals infusions are administered with, at most, a sheet separating you from another patient and a full waiting room of people in line behind you. For immunocompromised patients, this can be a problem. Wasatch infusion has a patient limit as well as a fast and efficient intake staff that will get your infusion started with little to no wait. When your doctor calls in the order, Wasatch Infusion can get you in almost immediately because infusions are their specialty.

As far as the industry goes, infusion centers are making their mark. Many professionals in the medical field have begun to create more specialized infusion treatments, pushing the industry further into the future of healing. Infusion centers utilize these revolutionary treatments coupled with the latest infusion technologies. Wasatch Infusion also has a nurse practitioner in every office for every infusion in order to ensure the highest quality of care. The efforts of infusion centers show how the healthcare sector can continuously grow and advance through better patient care and treatment. Wasatch Infusion has always and will always focus on healing and do so by caring about every patient. There has been a long demand for better options for healthcare, and infusion centers help provide a solution.

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