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Infusion vs. other medications – a look at the effectiveness of infusion medication

Many of our patients have struggled with finding the best way to treat their conditions. Most patients do not try IV therapy as a first treatment, but rather, along with their physicians, find that their original medication regime is not working satisfactorily. Doctors typically prescribe oral medications before considering infusions. Often, multiple oral medications are tested with poor results, and sometimes the medication effectiveness dulls over time. At this point, the physician, along with the patient, turn to IV therapy.  And, well, we take it from there. There are several benefits to IV treatment over oral medications, some of which are:

  • More personalized treatment options.
  • Higher absorption rate than oral medications.
  • More extended periods of medication efficacy.
  • Professional medication administration and,
  • Monitoring by healthcare professionals during your treatment.
  • Cost effectiveness.

More personalized treatment options result in fewer complications and faster results. Most pills don’t account for genetics, age, existing conditions, and other relevant factors that may affect the treatment. A bottle of pills does not know your unique history and may not provide the results you hoped.

Oral medication is digested in the stomach and permeated through the intestinal wall, but IV treatments are injected right into your bloodstream. Bloodstream administration allows for quicker, more effective absorption. Absorption via the GI tract can also be affected by other factors, including the food we eat and other medications. A lower absorption rate also means that you may be required to take more medication to see results, which can be difficult for your stomach and digestive system. IV treatments administer a more consistent and effective treatment without running the risk of any “gut” reactions.

Additionally, infusion treatments are very often effective for longer periods, taking the stress off patients when remembering to take medication. Stand-alone infusion centers have an array of scheduling opportunities, and Wasatch Infusion is open 365 days a year, often with extended hours for convenient scheduling, so forgetting medication is no longer an issue for patients.

Infusion centers employ highly trained IV staff, providing expert IV treatment and monitoring throughout your treatment to ensure proper and safe care.  Additionally, they have access to latest technologies to reduce pain and offer more comfort during treatments.

Cost often causes hesitation for patients when it comes to infusion centers. It should be said that oral medication is not necessarily cheaper than IV medication. More and more often, insurance companies are covering infusion treatment and allowing a less expensive co-pay. As more and more pharmaceutical manufacturers are developing biologics and infusion medications, the cost does not outweigh healthcare and patients’ benefits.

Wasatch Infusion is dedicated to providing better, more affordable treatments in a comfortable, safe, and private environment.  We understand that the patient’s treatment journey may not necessarily begin with IV therapy. Still, we promise to provide our patients’ best infusion experience as they seek health and wellness.

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