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One Poke Philosophy

No one enjoys being poked by a needle.  For some, it’s an uncomfortable nuisance. For others, it can be an overwhelming fear.  The caring staff at Wasatch Infusion understand that needles just aren’t fun. To show our patients how committed we are to their well-being and ensure all patients have a calm and comfortable experience, we employ our one-poke philosophy. The core of our one-poke philosophy is an expert staff, a comfortable environment, and technology to reduce pain and discomfort prior to and during “the poke” and subsequent infusions.

We have several techniques and the latest high tech equipment that makes for a smooth infusion process. We utilize AccuVein technology and ultrasounds to better locate veins, so we can identify and enter the vein the first time. IV warmers also help improve the infusion process by reducing the discomfort of cold salines and lessen recovery time. Hot compresses keep the infusion site comfortable by promoting better circulation with heat. Our patients also love the Lidocaine numbing cream and the medical-grade pain ease spray, available to numb the injection area and almost completely eliminate any pain. And to keep you comfortable from start to finish, we use Nexiva catheters, which are engineered to reduce pain and lower risk of blood evacuation due to the auto-occluding feature.

The more pleasant that initial poke is, the more pleasant the entire process will be. Our patients usually come to us to relieve pain or to feel better, and we make sure to do just that. All we do are IV’s, so we’ve done our research. While our methods and technologies are the best around, we are continually looking for ways to improve.

We will continue to build upon our one-poke policy until it feels like a no-poke policy for our patients.

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