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The Wellness Infusion Factor at Wasatch Infusion

Wasatch Infusion offers wellness infusions made up of vitamins and minerals, providing relief and protection for just about anything. The variety of IV therapy options is guaranteed to deliver results based on your personal needs and goals.

Overall Wellness

Age and other health factors can cause your metabolism to slow down. Wasatch Infusion offers various supplements to support your metabolism and balance your nutrition, including a general Multivitamin Formula for general wellness and a special blend of B12 vitamins with energy-boosting properties. Added benefits of these concoctions include increased mental clarity and protection from environmental stressors.

Enhancement and Recovery

Our Performance Blend is an effective supplement to training and recovery before or after a sports competition, marathon, or any physically demanding event. This blend assists with energy and can enhance performance beforehand, or help with muscle and tissue repair afterward.

Skin and Beauty Care

Hydration therapies are restorative and can give your system a reset, whether your diet is less than balanced or you need extra fluid after a night out with friends. Our hydration solutions quickly deliver a combo of vitamin C, niacin, and other vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling fresh.

Fight wrinkles and acne naturally with the Beauty Blend infusion. This mix of vitamins includes biotin and promotes a healthy glow from the inside out.

Amino acids combine with vitamins and minerals in our Weight Loss Booster, which also helps increase metabolic function. This infusion is designed to assist with burning fat and energizing all those systems in your body, helping to stave off extra pounds.

Immunity Protection

A strong immune system is a concern for everyone, especially in the winter and during allergy seasons. Our immunity infusions contain vitamin C and zinc to defend against the various illnesses that threaten the immune system. These infusions were created to improve general wellbeing, alleviating allergies, fatigue, or even asthma.

Wasatch Infusion has locations in Murray, Tooele, and Layton. Visit us today to receive the infusion that’s right for you.

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