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What is an infusion?

Infusion therapy is a fluid medication that is delivered intravenously. Various types of fluid medications and supplements are available, offering regenerative vitamins and minerals. Whether your goal is added immune support, hydration, boosting your mood, pain management, or strengthening your skin, there is an infusion that is sure to be a perfect fit.

Medications available through infusion therapy include biologics for reducing joint pain and inflammation, antibiotics, antivirals, even chemotherapy.

Where do I get an infusion?

Infusions are commonly administered at hospitals, clinics and infusion centers. Outpatient infusion centers are a more convenient option and have become more widely available, offering a more individualized, safe, relaxing and painless experience. These centers are independent from hospitals and are operated on their own terms, albeit with strict health regulations and requirements, with patient safety as a priority. Infusion centers accept most insurance plans and are often a lower-cost option for your medication or supplement.

How do I get the medication?

These supplements and medications are administered intravenously. Most infusion centers employ the latest technology and equipment for a rejuvenating and virtually painless experience.

Why choose an infusion center over a hospital?

In general, outpatient infusion centers are preferred by patients over hospitals or other medical clinics because patients receive a more personalized experience and lower-cost medications. Infusion centers were created with the idea that the comfort of the patient should be at the forefront of the infusion experience. In a hospital setting, a patient receiving intravenous medication is typically surrounded by other patients and various hospital workers, which can be a health concern during winter months, due to viruses and other illnesses floating around. Privacy is also paramount at infusion centers and patients have the space to relax while receiving their medication.

Why Wasatch Infusion?

Wasatch Infusion is a leader in the industry. We take pride in our team’s ability to ensure your comfort. Our staff is friendly and informed, creating a tailormade-experience to meet the specific needs of each patient at the right time, every time. We offer those little extras that make all the difference, such as private suites, large leather recliners, flatscreen TVs, and a variety of snacks and beverages to choose from. Our dedication to keeping costs low is unmatched, and we offer payment plans to fit the varying needs of each patient.

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