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What to Expect During Your First Infusion

Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office and felt anxious or ignored, or left to wait and fret over your scheduled procedure? Wasatch Infusion understands that feeling comfortable during a not-so-comfortable situation is particularly important to your health. Upon arrival at Wasatch Infusion, you will be greeted by professional front desk staff. If it is your first appointment, you’ll be given a sanitized tablet to fill out paperwork before your infusion. And when you return, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and friendly manner. 

While you rarely wait an extensive time, the lobby area is comfortable and relaxing, with television, reading materials – and complimentary treats, such as taffy.  

Once you’ve completed the check-in process, you’ll be escorted back to your private suite. In your room, you will find a comfy lift recliner, television with Netflix and Hulu, snack menu, and complimentary blanket (if it’s your first visit). You can take a look at the menu. And, if you want a drink or a snack, it will be brought to you promptly. 

The nurses will take your vitals and will then sanitize the injection site. You’ll experience Wasatch Infusion’s “one poke philosophy” firsthand.  A licensed and certified clinical staff member will administer the IV treatment. 

Along with excellent training, Wasatch Infusion uses the latest technology to help in proper IV placement. One such tool is the Accuvein, a non-contact vein illumination system that shows an image of veins on your skin – allowing the nurse or technician to immediately identify the location of a vein. Wasatch Infusion also incorporates IV warmers, to reduce the “chill” that sometimes accompanies your therapy.

Next is the fun part. You can recline in your comfy chair, get cozy in your complimentary blanket and turn on some Netflix. The infusion will work its magic as you catch up on the latest shows.

Time varies by patient and medication, but you will be kept comfortable no matter what the length of time. When your infusion is over your IV will be removed and the injection site will be covered in gauze and wrapped. At this point, you can gather your items, including your new free blanket, and make your way to the lobby to check out and scheduling of your next visit! 

Best of all, Wasatch Infusion offers the lowest cost infusions around.  They accept most insurance plans and offer patient assistance programs and payment options to make it affordable for everyone.   

An infusion at Wasatch Infusion is meant to be a safe and comfortable healing experience. Patients don’t come in to just receive an infusion, they come in because they trust it will be safe, comfortable, and relaxing.

Whether you come in for a medical infusion, wellness infusion, or another treatment, you can expect to be well taken care of at Wasatch Infusion.

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