IV Services For Patients

Medical IVs

From antibiotics to biologics, Wasatch Infusion provides the lowest cost, most comfortable medical IV therapy.

Wellness IVs

Wellness infusions provide many benefits such as helping boost your immune system and enhancing your energy.

Other Services

PICC Lines, Therapeutic Phlebotomy, Port Access, Dressing Changes, IV Line Care, and more.

Why Get a Medical IV at Wasatch Infusion?

  • Lower cost to you and your insurance
  • Expert licensed staff
  • AccuVein Technology
  • Open 365
  • Heated private rooms
  • Comfy lift recliners
  • Personal TV
  • TV/movies
  • Music
  • Wifi
  • Magazines
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Pillows & Blankets

We offer the best IV service in Utah, guaranteed.

Private Rooms
All of our IV infusion suites have leather lift recliners, snacks, and drinks, as well as flatscreen TVs
All We Do is IV Infusions
Having a staff of specialists means you get the best experience every time.
Snacks & Blankets
At Wasatch Infusion, we take care of our patients with free snacks, drinks, and blankets. Experience the difference today!

Medical IVs We Offer

Medical Professionals: Click a medication to fill out our electronic PDF, then print and fax to us.

If you don’t see your medication on the list just give us a call.


IV therapies designed to boost or replenish iron levels for those suffering from low iron and anemia

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IV therapies designed to prevent and treat vomiting, dizziness and other forms of nausea

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IV therapies designed to treat and prevent virus and fungal-caused infections

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IV therapies designed to treat all types of complicated infections

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IV therapies designed to reduce inflammation

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Immune Deficiency 

IV therapies designed to protect and treat immune deficiencies (IVIG)

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Specialty Medications

Specialty and biologic IV products for specific disease states

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Or Check out Our Wellness Infusions