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Wasatch Infusion Now Offering Tepezza

Wasatch Infusion will now be offering Tepezza, the first FDA approved drug for adults with Thyroid Eye Disease. Thyroid eye disease is a condition where inflammation in the muscle and fatty tissue behind the eyes cause the eyes to bulge outward. Symptoms of Thyroid Eye Disease, such as bulging, double vision, pain, sensitivity to light, and trouble closing eyes, can be restrictive and debilitating for those affected. Previously, there have been very few treatment options for those with Thyroid Eye Disease. Approval of this drug shows a path toward healing without the need for invasive procedures. This new development also proves continuing progress toward finding treatments for other rare diseases that have few treatment options available. Wasatch Infusion is committed to offering these innovative treatment to patients, at an affordable cost.

Ask your physician if Tepezza is right for you.  Learn more about the FDA approval here,

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